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Posted on 12-14-2012

Winter is here and so is "cold and flu season."  There are so many ways we can protect ourselves and our families from the flu and colds during the next few months.  While we are all constantly exposed to cold and flu germs, only a handful of  us actually end up getting sick.  Why does that happen?  If you are stressed, sleep deprived, or lacking proper nutrition you are a SUSCEPTIBLE HOST to germs just looking for an immune system that is asleep at the wheel!  People that are well rested, fueled with nutritious food and are able to manage their physical and emotional stresses tend to have more robust immune systems. 

While many people choose to get an annual flu vaccine, it is debatable as to whether or not that is an effective way to prevent flu. Dr. Mercola's article, Flu Vaccine Exposed outlines many interesting flu vaccine facts and ways to prevent the flu naturally.  

How can chiropractic and massage help during flu season? Chiropractic treatment focuses primarily on the health of the nervous system.  Altered spinal function may interfere with nervous function in your body, including the function of your immune system! Studies have shown that neutrophil (white blood cell) counts rose significantly after a chiropractic adjustment.  Massage therapy is effective in relieving physical and mental stresses that can impair your immune system.

 This winter, eat healthfully, sleep lots, stay hydrated, wash your hands, and get your physical and mental stresses "worked out" with chiropractic and massage!  Below is a recipe for ELDERBERRY SYRUP which has antiviral compounds that can assist in fending off flu viruses!

img_1188.jpg elderberry_syrup1.jpg

For cold and flu prevention, take a teaspoon of this syrup twice a day.  If you are already sick, take a teaspoon every few hours until you feel better.  You will need dried black elderberries (find them at your local health food store) and honey.

STEP ONE: In a saucepan, cover 2 oz of dried black elderberries with 1 qt water.  Boil. Turn heat to low; simmer until reduced to a pint. Strain.elderberry_syrup.jpg

STEP TWO: Return the liquid to the pan.  Using a wooden spoon, slowly stir in 1 1/2 cups of honey into the mixture until the honey is thoroughly dissolved. j

STEP THREE: Let the syrup cool to room temperature.  Pour into a clean jar with a tight-fitting lid.  Label and date.  It will keep up to a year in the fridge.

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